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unidentified Entoprocta

Maria Russo Mafra Machado (2014)



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Life History & Behaviour

Fossil Record


Reproduction and Development

Anatomy & Physiology


Transport, Excretion, Nervous System

Evolution & Systematics


Diversification and Classification

Biogeographic Distribution

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Fossil Record

The soft structure and small size are obstacles to fossilization of Kamptozoans, but the few fossil that remains reveals that they are an ancient group. The first fossil that was believed to be from an Entoprocta were found in 1977 by Simon Conway Morris, but, because it did not have the typical rounded and flexible tentacles it was concluded that it was not an Entoprocta. For a long time the better representative of Kamptozoa fossil was a specimen found from Late Jurassic rocks in England. A recent fossil found in 1999, otherwise it bigger size, it have a lot of characteristics that make scientists believe it is an Entoprocta. The new fossil changes the origin of the entoproct lineage all the way back to the Cambrian explosion, when life diversified very quickly.