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Gonodactylus smithii

Purple spot mantis shrimp

Gustavo Moreira Alves (2012)



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Physical Description


Life History & Behaviour

Anatomy & Physiology

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Mantis shrimp is the common name given to marine crustaceans classified in the order Stomatopoda. These animals are active predators, very territorialist, aggressive, solitary and are usually found in burrows in either sand or coral rubble. Famous for having the most complex color vision system in the world, Gonodactylus smithii is the first animal described to possess the physiological and neurological components necessary for optimal polarization vision (Kleinlogel and White 2008). Stomatopods are also well known for their appendages used to smash shells and impale fish. The movement of their strike is the fastest limb movement in the world and can cause the water to boil (Patek, Korff & Caldwell 2004). A survey was conducted with this animal to determine if the impact of its strikes decreases after a few attempts.

​Image 1: Gonodactylus smithii in a coiled position and its conspicuous meral spots featured