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Panulirus ornatus Fabricus, 1798


Tropical Spiny Rock Lobster




Conor Rath (2012)                                                      




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Physical Description

The Panulirus ornatus species can be distinguished from other Panulirus species by the underside of the  abdomen being a brownish or greenish grey which may be have small indistinct speckles, without transverse whitish bands. The carapace has a peculiar and very characteristic marbling of pale lines near the bases of the frontal horns (George & Holthuis, 1965).

Its main distinguishing morphological feature from other Panuluris species is its antennular plate which has 4 spines, without additional scattered small spinules in between (George & Holthuis, 1965). Additonally, the P. ornatus  third maxilliped does not have an exopod. Abdominal somites are smooth and naked, without a transverse groove (George & Holthuis, 1965).