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Panulirus ornatus Fabricus, 1798


Tropical Spiny Rock Lobster




Conor Rath (2012)                                                      




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Conservation & Threats

Various larger predators commonly predate on Tropical Rock Lobsters, which include various species of finfish, sharks and octopus. (Cobb & Wang 1985)

In 2009, a status report revealed that total harvest of the year was below the Total Allowable Catch and well within the ranges of Maximum Sustainable Yield derived from conservative stock assessments (Qld Govt, 2010). The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has also assessed the Panulirus Ornatus threat level as ‘Least Concern’ (IUCN, 2012).

The Torres Strait tropical rock lobster fishery is the most valuable commercial fishery and is primarily based on the Panulirus ornatus species. Conservation efforts of p.ornatus in the Torres Strait are ledby Australian Fisheries Management Authority. Current management controls include a a seasonal ban from harvesting the spiny rock lobster species between October-November, a seasonal ban preventing divers from using hookah fishing methods during December-January and a minimum sized tail length of 115mm (Dennis et al. 2006)