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Stichopus horrens (Selenka 1867)

Peanutfish, Flemfish, Selenka's sea cucumber

Chantelle Morrison (2012)



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Physical Description


Life History & Behaviour

Anatomy & Physiology

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The peanutfish or flemfish (Stichopus horrens) is a sea cucumber found on the reef flat in tropical regions around the world (Davie and Others, 2011). S. horrens is nocturnal and can be found under coral boulders or rubble during the day . They are deposit feeders, processing sand to feed. S. horrens has many variations in colour, ranging from black to green/yellow (Davie and Others, 2011). They have irregular papillae on their backs (dorsal side) and feeding tentacles that remain covered with skin while feeding.
Stichopus horrens is a commercially valuable species (Buckius et al., 2010), and is farmed in many countries, including China and Malaysia . It is commonly caught in artisanal fisheries in the Indo-Pacific and is harvested for both food and medicinal purposes (Forghani et al., 2012, Wen et al., 2010).