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Student Project Figures

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Figure 1
Figure 12: Development of a S. brakenhielmi zooid; Vascular bud forms - A to D​ show the envagination of the epithelial vessel forms a vesicle (bud). Development of the zooid - 1 to 7 show the seven stages of development from a juvenile (1) to a sexually mature zooid (7). Re-absorption (R) is the final stage of the zooid's life. Important abbreviations: a = atrial siphon, ca = closed atrial siphon, o = oral siphon, co = closed oral siphon, p = pharynx, en = endostyle, f = folds, g = gut loop, st= stomach, h = heart, i = internal epithelium, nv = neural vesicle (ganglion), s = stigmata, v = vessel, uc = undifferentiated cells. Adapted from (Gutierrez and Brown, 2017).
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