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Student Project Figures

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Figure 4
Figure 21: Schematic drawing of an adult S. brakenhielmi zooid. Buccual siphon supplies zooid with incurrent flow to the branchial basket (pharynx). Buccual tentacles prevent large particles from entering the basket, whilst the endostyle secretes a mucous web to capture small food particles. Tiny cillia on the stigmata move food toward the gut loop (esophagus), and then digest the food in the gut. Feces is excreted from the anus, which is expelled out of the artium by the excurrent of water through the atrial siphon. Small ovary has an anterior and posterior male follicle (testes) attached, and expel sperm and eggs from the genital ducts. A tubular heart pumps blood through the body wall (mantle), and into the stolons which are connected to the rest of the colony and growing buds. The Neural gland and cerebral ganglion form part of a reduced central nervous system. Zooid width ~ 2mm.
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