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Dendrodoris nigra (Stimpson, 1855)

            Black Nudibranch

Elsie-Mary Felix (2014)




Fact Sheet



Physical Description


Life History & Behaviour

Anatomy & Physiology

Evolution & Systematics

Biogeographic Distribution

Conservation & Threats


Biogeographic distribution

The distribution of D.nigra has been reported as being quite extensive through most tropical and warm temperate regions including the central and western Pacific and Indian Ocean but excluding the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of tropical America (Willan and Coleman, 1984, Brodie et al., 1997). Brodie et al.’s (1997) study indicates that D.nigra is a tropical and subtropical species due to no confirmed specimens observed along Australia’s southern coastline. The southern limit of D.nigra’s distribution range in Australia includes regions south of Rottnest Island, on the west coast near Perth, and Botany Bay on the east coast (Figure 1).  D.nigra have previously been reported to occur all along the Australian coastline (Kenny, 1960, Burn, 1962, Willan and Coleman, 1984, Bryce and Wells, 1993), however these reporting’s most likely due to misidentifications of D.nigra as D.fumata.

                    Figure 1: The southern limit of D.nigra distribution in Australia as marked by Rottnest Island on the west coast and Botany Bay on the east coast.