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 Lineus sp.

Nicole Westbrook (2014)




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Physical Description

Nemerteans are a difficult species to identify especially once a specimen is preserved. Colours and patterns are the key features used in the process but data in this area is lacking on all but the most common of species. Images are scarce making it impossible to go through all species to find the one needle in the haystack so this species was identified to genus level Lineus using Hulsman’s ‘Cheat sheet’ (1997).

This nemertea was approximately 43 cm in length when stretched with clear, white body covered in a dark greenish brown mottling. This patterning was present on both the dorsal and ventral sides and had a blue iridescent shine to it in certain lights. The head was slightly larger in width than the body at the base but narrowed to a rounded point with much less mottling than seen on the body and no ocelli present. Just behind the head region were two pink patches (the brain) and beneath it on the ventral side, the mouth. No evidence of a caudal cirrus was seen at the anterior end but the tail was skinnier than the rest of the body and rounded.

Any variation between species is unknown due to the inability to identify this species past the genus level.

Nemertean Head

Nemertean Tail