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Menaethius monoceros

Spider crab, Decorator crab

Chi Chiu Lo (2014)



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Biogeographic Distribution

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Menaethius monoceros
is a native species that distributed in Indo-Pacific area (Barnaed 1950; Cooper 1997; Cruz-Rivera & Paul 2006;Galil et al. 2011; Griffin 1966; Griffin 1974; Griffin & Tranter 1974; Falcial2002; Dai & Yang cited in Siokou et al. 2013), including Red Sea and Persian Gulf. In addition, the east coast of South Africa and Tahiti is the most western and eastern location of the distribution area respectively.

Although a few samples of
Menaethius monoceros have been found in the Mediterranean Sea, it does not mean that M. monoceros has developed populations in it (Siokou et al. 2013) because the sample size found is so small and the place where the sample was collected locates opposite the port with lots of ships from all over the world. Therefore, it has been suggested that M. monoceros has been brought into Mediterranean Sea accidentally through Suez Canal or balance water in the ships (Falcial 2002; Galil et al. 2011; Galil et al. 2008; Siokou et al.2013). And this suggestions do agree with the statement from Galil et al.(2011) that M. monoceros is a easily transported species. However, Siokou et al. (2013) further suggested the ongoing climate change and anthropogenic pressure might be powerful enough tocause invasion of M. monoceros into Mediterranean Sea.

Figure 7. Records of locations where Menaethius monoceros was once found.