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unidentified Entoprocta

Maria Russo Mafra Machado (2014)



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Life History & Behaviour

Fossil Record


Reproduction and Development

Anatomy & Physiology


Transport, Excretion, Nervous System

Evolution & Systematics


Diversification and Classification

Biogeographic Distribution

Conservation & Threats

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Ranging from 0.1 to 7 millimetres, a mature Entoproct has a body with a goblet-like structure with a calyx mounted on a stalk that attaches to a surface.Surrounding the calyx stands a "crown" of 8 to 30 tentacles, whichare extensions of the body wall. On the opposite side of the atrium, a spacecircled by the “crown’’, is located the anus and mouth, which can be locked bya sfincter. There is a depression shape that goes towards the base of the calyx,this is the gut,  where it broadens toform the stomach.

Thespecimen form Heron Island were colonial and perfect seen with naked eye,characteristic that made me curious to analyses it better on the magnifyingglass. Most of the individuals were ranging about 5 to 7 milimetres,considerably tall, with a pale color and non-segmented stalk (which were veryconsiderably large). The stalks of colonial species arise from sharedattachment plates. When longitudinal muscle fibers of the stalks contract it makes a nodding motion of the calyx, which was very intense on the specimen collected.