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Sycon ciliatum      Srishunbagasundaran Bathmanathan (2014)



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Sycon sciliatum

Sycon sciliatum a member of the Sycettidae family is a marine invertebrate of the Calcarea class that has a syconoid form. It is found attached to rocks in shallow waters in temperate oceans across the world. Its most notable characteristics are created by calcite spicules, the characters are the crown that adorns the oscula and it's hairy body. This species of sponge are pale creamy white colour and can grow up to 9cm tall but are usually around 3cms. It has a pseudo biphasic stage in its development, where the larvae enters a free swimming stage for a short period of time. the phylogeny of Porifera as whole has not been studied as extensively as it should have been but progress is being made for Clacarea. it was been stated that research into Porifera will surge again.